Insta-Friday 9.21.12




Saturday started with a visit to the Urgent Care to get the Man-Child’s finger checked on.

It isn’t broken or sprained…just a bad bruise.



Monday was Roo’s last cake decorating class for the quarter. She brought home a chocolate cake with cookies & cream filling and frosting. She may have to start baking treats for us every Monday.


Ham and I make regular visits to the library.

It’s difficult to walk in the door and not stop to get a drink. It’s not difficult deciding which fountain to use: the big one or the small one. He always chooses the big one.


I usually choose my drinks from the fountain at Quiktrip.


This week also included a special trip to the library.


He finally got his own library card.

Ham has been DYING to have is own card and since he is such a good little reader it was time for him to finally have his very own.

As a family we can now check out 350 items…that’s a possibility for a lot of over-due fees.


We had our first of many band concerts of the year.

Einstein had his first concert at the jr. high.

The Trash Can Band did a loud great job.


Most 7th grade band students play in the Intermediate band, but he is playing in the Symphonic Band with the 8th grade students. He was a little nervous about playing in the advanced band, but since he is 1st chair for percussion I think he is handling it pretty well.

The best part of the concert?


He got to play the gong…3 times.

Too bad he is hidden behind a music stand.

Would it be bad at the next concert if I rearrange the stage so I can get better pictures?


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  1. My fountain drinks come from Mr Gas...Equally delicious & nutritious :)
    I love Ham's Choice in books...It looks like he is studding up on politics.
    Wish we could have been there for the concert...Just more evidence that your kids Rock.

  2. 350 items - holy cow. We have a hard enough time keeping track of the two books Connor brings home from the school library.

    I keep forgetting I have Instagram. And then I remember and take a pic and hurry and catch up on everyone else's. And then a few days go by until it repeats.

  3. I love your family and YOU so very much!!!
    By the way, thanks for always having a bed ready when ever I decide to drop in.

  4. fountain drinks at QT is my favorite as well....