I was kind of joking about only updating the ol’ bloggity-blog on Insta-Friday, but here I am again on Friday and as I was getting ready to do a post about the last two weeks I realized that all the pictures I wanted to use were from my phone…so voila…Insta-Friday again. Plus it has been a fairly full and fun two weeks so this is going to be a long and picture-full post.


On the 1st of July Niece showed up at house for a quick visit. We spent a fun two days together.

And since it was time with Niece it included a trip to the hospital for some lab work. Silly heart transplant people with crazy blood.



We also made a quick trip to Ikea for Niece to get a few things she needed to spoil her grandbabies.


Ham LOVED the circus tent she found for Celes and Hazel.


I can’t believe we spent two days together and I didn’t get a picture of us together. Duh…


In celebration of the 4th of July I had fun with the Girlies nails.



What 4th of July would be complete without a little barbeque action? Big Daddy has become the Burgermeister Meisterburger.


I think the kidlets would be happy eating burgers almost every day.


Our 4th of July quickly went wonky with a trip to the ER for the Man-Child.


It’s kind of a long story that involved a Pyrex measuring cup and a flying bag of garbage. I think it’s safe to say that he is the only kid I know that could get hurt taking the garbage out.

It didn’t take us very long at the ER. We left with no stiches, an X-ray and a wrist splint…but there is more of this story to come.


Even with a visit to the ER it didn’t ruin our plans for the evening.

Big Daddy had to chance to get really cheap tickets to the Diamondback’s game and the firework display.

We haven’t ever gone to a game as a whole family.


It was fun to have us all there.


Aren’t they so cute?



Even an injection of pain meds didn’t stop him from having a good time…it may have even helped.



Einstein was intense watching the game.



Hammie just wanted the game to get over and the fireworks to start.



For such cheap tickets we had pretty good seats.


Too bad the Diamondbacks lost.


Soon after the game ended they started opening the roof for the fireworks.



It was a pretty good show…with really good seats.



I love this shot of her sweet face lit up by the fireworks.



By the time we got home it was pretty late and it looks like Ham was upset about it.



On Friday the 6th of July we loaded up and hit the road.



It didn’t take very long to leave the desert


and get into the trees.



We spent the day at a family reunion. Most of the family had been up for a few days, but we were only able to make a day trip out of it. We were thinking about spending the night until a drenching rain dropped the temperature almost 30 degrees.

And I finally got a picture of me and Niece…with a photo-bomb by my Grandma.



Now back to the Man-Child and his silly wrist issue.

After a couple visits with 2 different surgeons we decided to schedule a simple surgery to remove a shard of glass that was still in his arm.


Remember this is supposed to be a simple surgery.


Finally after sitting in the waiting room by myself for twice as long as they thought the surgery would last the Dr. came out to talk to me. Instead of a simple slice/clean/stitch the Dr. ended up finding two tendons had been sliced and needed to be repaired.

So instead of a few days of stitches he has this massive bandage for two weeks and then a regular cast for four weeks.


I am so glad that I listened to my gut and found a surgeon we trusted and went ahead and had the surgery.

This kid is pretty tough. Even with the splint and now a sling he has gone to percussion workshop every day this week getting ready for marching band.


And finally to end our exciting couple of weeks we went bowling with a few other families.


Big Daddy, Ham, Lala, Roo and I were on one lane…with bumpers.

Each of the kidlets had their own style.


I have to give Ham credit, he used Big Daddy’s 16lb ball and a sled and got a strike. I thought it was brilliant.


LaLa was slow and steady and masterful at the spare.


Roo…well let’s just say she had fun.

Einstein and the Man-Child were on a different lane so I didn’t get to really watch them.


Einstein was proud that he was able to find the brightest orange ball in the whole place.


And you’ve got to give the Man-Child credit for bowling in a sling…and a nervous Mom worried that he would slip and fall and hurt himself.

What I didn’t realize was that there were prizes involved and I came in 3rd out of everyone there…thank goodness they didn’t take into account that our lane was using bumpers.


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  1. Great pictures, thanks for taking one at the lab for me.
    We have to get better at taking pictures together when we haven't been camping for 3 days or hanging out in pouring rain.
    I love you and your amazing family.

  2. I'm also glad you listened to your gut and found a great surgeon.
    GREAT pictures....

  3. Wow! All sorts of fun and adventures!
    I love the pictures of your hamburgers. Looks like you really know how to do them.

    Glad he is going to do OK with his arm. Good intuition mom!

  4. I feel like I keep up with you guys via FB but it was good to get a more indepth look!