So apparently I’m only going to update the blog on Friday this summer.

I hope we are all fine with that…


While Einstein was away at scout camp we took the opportunity to indulge in some of the gluten items that we don’t usually get to have. We ate bagels and flour tortillas and other naughty stuff.

We ended the gluten-ful week with cinnamon rolls.


They were so yummy, but I have to be honest my tummy was more than happy to go back to our gluten-free life again.


Almost every Saturday evenings I have a hot date…with my iron.

I like having all the white shirts crisp and clean and ready for Sunday.


This week I had the added bonus of the girlies wearing white shirts…yes I iron their t-shirts too.


Since this summer has been pretty low-key Big Daddy and I decided to take the kidlets to see “Brave”.


We all liked it, even the 14yr old Man-Child, but my hand may never be the same where LaLa was squeezing it during the scary part.

After the movie we went to In-n-Out for dinner.


It’s our favorite GF fast food.


Summer in Arizona wouldn’t be complete without a few impressive dust storms. We had back-to-back storms this week.

I love this shot of the dust meeting the clouds.


And for the record I will never use the “H” word when it comes to describing a dust storm. It’s just a dust storm.


Join Jeanette at Life Rearranged for more Insta-Friday fun.

Well maybe later today she will have her post up.


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The “H” word is haboob…in other words, a big dust storm.


  1. Great pictures!!!!
    Live the movie faces. I've heard great things about it.