Not All Fun and Games

One of the benefits of visiting Idaho in the fall was the Boyz were there to help Uncle Kirk stack wood for the winter. I’m not sure how helpful the littles were. And I took pictures. That’s helpful, right?


Uncle Kirk split the wood and then the kidlets helped stack it. And there was a lot of wood. This isn’t even all of it.


They were trying to show who had the hardest job of stacking the wood on the top of the stack.


Here they are after all the hard work.


And if you know Kirk and Big J you might notice something wrong with this picture.

Uncle Kirk may or may not used a little boost be as tall as Big J.


I felt kind of bad when it was cold enough that we needed a fire to keep warm. It’s going to be a long winter if they are already lighting fires in October.


  1. When i was on my mission in Idaho, i stacked wood for some members. very hard work.

  2. I know we are all super grateful for all of your kids help and hardwork. Thanks to your wonderful family we will be nice and toasty this winter.

  3. I love the shot of them reaching for the top, it really shows the amount of wood! I can't believe how big your son is getting!

  4. "E" and "J" became Uncle Kirk's heroes.
    They worked so hard and it was great to have all the winter wood, chopped and stacked.
    Thanks boys we love you!