I Know The Scriptures Are True

Today was our “Primary Program” at Church. The Primary is for children in our church that are 3-12 years old. The Primary Program is a chance for the children to get up in front of the whole congregation once a year.

Our program was written as family groups instead of the usual class groups. It was so neat to see the kidlets at the pulpit together.

kidlet primary program

These are the parts the kidlets had.

Einstein: In 1995 the First Presidency sent out a proclamation to the world, A Proclamation on the Family. One of the things we are reminded about in this proclamation is the importance of Temples. “Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally”.

einstein pp

Ham: God has always commanded His people to build Temples. (I was so proud that he had his part memorized)

ham pp

Kayla: It is in these Temples that we make sacred covenants and promises so that our families can be together forever.

lala pp

Rachel: I am doing things everyday that will help me to be worthy to attend the temple. The first thing I did was make the choice to be baptized. I have made the decision to always dress modestly. My family has daily family prayer, we read the scriptures, and have family home evening. I also have set a goal to go to Activity Days every month. Every Sunday I come to church. A few days ago I was lucky enough to go visit the Gilbert Temple building site it made me want to always be worthy to go into the Temple.

roo pp

Rachel and a few of the other children were given the opportunity to write their own parts. She was a little stressed out at first, but she did such a great job.

This year was a little bitter-sweet for me. This is my last year of having 4 kidlets in primary since Einstein is turning 12 soon and moving out of the Primary.


My kidlets always wait to see if I cry during the program…and I haven’t let them down yet.


  1. I always cry during the program too. Hopefully this year it will be from feeling the Spirit and not from a major failure since I'm in charge this time!

  2. I also cry during the program as well....
    Very cute pictures. : )

  3. I sure love your dear sweet children. They are getting so grown up. You are an awesome mommy for teaching them such amazing things.

  4. Maybe I will have to come to your primary program, I have yet to cry at one.

    Love your kidlets...I could just hear their voices as I read the different parts.