One Word MEME

1. Where is your cell phone? desk

2. Describe your significant other? sentimental

3. Your hair? messy

4. Your mother? missed

5. Your father? supportive

6. Your favourite item? iPhone

7. Your dream last night? disturbing

8. Your favorite drink? Dr Pepper

9. Your dream car? fast

10. The room you are in? bedroom

11. Your ex? who?

12. Your fear? failure

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? happy

14. Who did you hang out with last night? husband

15. What you're not? alone

16. The last thing you did? ate

17. What are you wearing? jammies

18. Your favourite book? now

19. The last thing you ate? pasta

20. Your life? exciting

21. Your mood? quiet

22. Your friends? special

23. What are you thinking about right now? blog

24. Your car? suburban

25. What are you doing at the moment? unwinding

26. Your summer? best

27. What is on your TV? tribute

28. When is the last time you laughed? today

29. Last time you cried? today

30. School? life


  1. So what are you reading ? I need some book ideas?

  2. summer...best??? what ever!!!
    I liked this blog very cool.

  3. awesome! sometimes i need a little easy blogging :)

  4. That is a tough MEME to do with just one word answers.

    I haven't stopped by for awhile, sorry. I loved the post where you did all the fun things with your girls' hair. Very cute girls.

  5. I want some pasta.

    Why were you crying?