Hair’s to Today

1. I think most anyone on Pinterest has seen this particular picture.


I had experimented with it before, but I couldn’t get it to stay in very well. Then on Sunday morning I pulled out the Curlformers for LaLa’s hair. Since the Curlformers were only in for a few hours the curl was very soft and I thought I would give this look another try. I did a slight twist and then a VERY loose fishbone braid and wrapped a piece of hair around the base…and sprayed the heck out of it with the strongest hairspray I have.


LaLa wanted a little bling added, but I think it would have been better fine without it.



2. I copied a fancy hair-do from Babes in Hairland, but I just left out the fancy.


After taking the picture I realized that it was totally off-centered. Oh well, still cute.


3. This is one of those hairstyles that has been around a long time, I remember doing it to my hair when I was in my early 20’s. I just added one more flip and it gives it a cheater fishbone braid look.



4. We are having more fun with Roo’s short hair. On this day I did 2 one-sided french braids and connected them at the bottom.



5. Easy bun day. I put LaLa’s hair in a ponytail and braided 2 braids. Then I tied the braids in a shoestring knot. Add a few bobby pins and a ribbon and you get cuteness.



6. I found this idea on Cute Girls Hairstyles. I was originally going to do it on LaLa but I decided it would be better on Roo’s super smooth hair.



7. There are days when I do the same ‘do on both girlies with a much different look.



8. LaLa likes ponytails, especially when we do a princess ponytail.


Instead of just wrapping the band with hair I wrapped it with a twisted rope of hair.




  1. You are amazing!
    I think I am just as amazed that LaLa sets long enough for you to do her hair.
    Can't wait to see you!

  2. Who doesn't love a princess ponytail? Wanna do my hair for tomorrow?

  3. Wow these hair styles are amazing! I can never get my girl's hair so perfect :)