Hair’s to Today—Braids into Braids

I have been a real slacker with LaLa’s hair lately. If I ask her what she wants it’s either straight down or a ponytail. Well we can only do that for so long.

Today we went with basic braids…6 of them.


The parts look a little crooked, but they aren’t as crooked as they look. Trust me.

I started with 3 braids along her top part and brought them down to a regular braid.


On the other side I went with just one braid brought down to the main braid. The top braid is a little twisted, but I didn’t have time to take it out and redo it. And really who would notice it, but me…and all of you because I pointed it out.


A cute and happy girly off to school.


Inspiration found here.


  1. You've got some serious braiding skills going on at your house! My poor Courtney got ripped off in that department. I always just kept her hair in a cute bob with big pretty bows. There was no braiding skills whatsoever in our house!

  2. You are so amazing with. Such beautiful hair! Only Cici is in to the whole hair thing. Nini manages to put up with it on occassion. My goal now a days is to at least get them to comb out their hair and clip their bangs back. Again, you are amazing!

  3. So cute. Miss C's one grandma can get her to hold still and get her hair in a french braid.
    I am glad when I get her hair combed and in pig tails.
    LALA looks so darn cute.
    Love ya

  4. Super lovely blog!