Changing the World…or Not


Einstein is in 6th grade this year. He’s one of the big kids at the middle school and decided it was time to make his mark on the world. The elections for student council was announced and he wanted to run for vice-president. Things are a little different from when I was in school and student council elections were big popularity contests. For this election students had to have 3 teachers nominate them. They also had to go through an interview by a panel of teachers. And remember those speeches? I can remember one girl that I swear was elected because she did a back flip. Well no more showing off, they had their speeches taped so they could be shown at different times to different classes.

We made his posters (15 of them, before we read there was a 3 poster limit). Printed out stickers for him to hand out. He even took his campaign to Facebook.

Last Friday was the day of the election.

Then he had to wait all weekend long to find out the results…

And he didn’t win. He was a little disappointed.

But as a Mom I was pretty darn proud of him…especially the part where he sent the winners congratulation messages on Facebook as soon as he got home from school.

Einstein you have my vote!


  1. Darn.... But, great class in the congrats note!
    "E" you will make a huge impact on your class because of your example.
    Love ya...
    and you have my vote too.

  2. My vote too! He's certainly a winner in my book!

  3. Totally a winner! Sending congratulation notes to the winners was such a stand up thing to do. Way to go!!