Oh The Messes You Will Make

Yesterday we celebrated a special birthday—It was Dr Seuss’ birthday.

It is a tradition we started a couple of years ago and the kidlets really look forward to it.

We started celebrating a few days early with this little goodie from Netflix.

cat in the hat

The Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers. Laugh-out-loud funny, with some of the best humor for adults in a kids flick. The littles have watched it as many times as I will let them and quoting the inappropriate lines every chance they get.

But yesterday was time for the BIG DEAL…corn starch and water. Otherwise known as Oobleck.

This year I was smart and decided to play with it outside. We started out neat and tidy and each of the kidlets had their own bowl.


But that only lasted so long and we realized that it was so much more fun just playing right on the top of the table.


Even Big J wasn’t too big to join the fun when he got home from school.


But soon after he joined the fun it went from somewhat controlled chaos to flying Oobleck everywhere.


If you have never played with or made oobleck it is fascinating. It is described as a Non-Newtonian fluid. You know Newton's 3rd law of motion--for every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction. Well not with oobleck. It acts like liquid, but if you apply pressure it will appear to be solid for a short time.

This is a glob of oobleck that I squished in my hand and then dropped on the table. It held the shape for a few seconds.


Then slowly started melting.


And melting.


And was soon back to a liquid state.


We ended the party with a little Green Eggs and Ham.


How could you not?  


  1. What a fun mom you are!!! And that Oobleck does look incredibly fascinating! Is there a certain recipe for it or is it just add some cornstarch and water until it's not too runny anymore?

  2. You are the best!
    obleck outside...VERT good idea.
    Love ya

  3. You are such an awesome Mom! We've made that stuff before and it is fun- and weird!

  4. i agree with all of the other comments. YOU are such an awesome mom!

  5. K- Is that HAM touching that stuff??!!!?? WOW he has come so far!! I remember you doing this before and he was as far away as he possibly could!! So amazing to see the things he does now! Like everyone else has said previously.....you really are an awesome mom! I hope to be like you someday! Miss and love ya!

  6. Great ideas all around. You ARE a cool mom. Those are some REALLY green eggs.

  7. Mary it's 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water.

    Karmann you wouldn't even believe it. He was playing with it and letting us pour it over his hands. What a difference a few years and amazing therapists make.

    Cheeseboy they were REALLY, REALLY green eggs...and the effect was seen for a few days afterwards.

    And I am not that cool of a Mom. I do this kind of stuff occasionally to make up for being a mean Mom the rest of the time. :)

  8. I want to fill a bathtub with that stuff.