A Hair Raising Story

You know those horror stories of kiddos cutting their own hair? The kind where they cut their bangs to the scalp?

Well we had a little incident with scissors and hair and LaLa.

I had noticed a little issue with her hair.


I finally asked her what happened and she confessed that she had cut it just to see what it was like to use scissors on her hair.


Thankfully she just snipped a small piece and it still came down to her chin.


So we can hide it in cute hair-dos.

Like this one.




  1. At least she just cut her own and not someone else's. My Hannah and Gayle's Magen (both 3 at the time) played beauty shop on eachother one day.... it was pretty horrible! Magen had big chunks out of the back of her long, beautiful, curly hair and Hannah had some big chuncks missing in back too. We ended up cutting Hannah's to match and Gayle pulled Magen's back in a ponytail everyday until it grew out. LaLa's hair looks cute. I'm sure you've probably already seen it, but my FAVORITE blog for hairstyles on little girls is
    She has great video tutorials of hairstyles that look difficult but are really simple!

  2. She's lucky it was only that much, and so is momma.

  3. Oh, so lucky it wasn't more! Aubrey gave herself bangs once because she said her hair was in her face.

    She is adorable. You need to start a hair blog, I need ideas on hairstyles!

  4. Emily cut her bangs when she was about LaLa's age..

  5. My girls never did the hair cutting thing, thankfully! Love her cute hair do! Thankfully , she didn't wack it off!

  6. I thought it was SUPER cut at first...I don't know who would have cried more if it was cut worst.

  7. My Little Middle cut her hair when she was about 5. She did a doozy of a job! Lucky that Lala only cut a small amount.

  8. Ohhh, her hair looks so cute one up like that! :D