Who Really Cares About The Numbers?

Blogging has been pitifully neglected. And not just mine, I have been terrible about reading and commenting on other blogs as well.

I am grateful that anyone is still reading and commenting at this point.

So I thought I would peruse my Google Analytics just to see how few people are reading.

But really who cares about the numbers when my blog shows up on this Google search:

2 1/2 yr. old screams and fight5s at night costco

Yep…that pretty much sums up Embrace the Chaos.


  1. Sounds like my life! Started back to school this semester and one of my time outs are quickly reading blogs! Love catching up!

  2. Oh man I'm at the same point in life right now. Just don't have much interest in blogging, writing posts or commenting. I'm hoping it's a phase and that I just haven't moved on to my next hobby (ebay selling!)

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  4. i think we are all feeling the same way...

  5. I am always checking your blog...

  6. Yeah, I am learning that the numbers don't mean a danged thing. It's been a tough lesson. What matters more is the good blog friends you make like yourself.

  7. That is funny!!

    I'm not so much into blogging lately either. But I don't want to lose touch with the friends I've made. At least I know you're right down the street if we ever stop blogging.