Too Hot to Handle

[NOTE:  Big Daddy is submitting this post today.]

Lene had been working on some awesome blog entries behind the scenes, and was just about to dazzle the world with some more of her quality updates, when she was injured on Thursday night.

As she was making some Thanksgiving decorations, she was attacked by an energized hot glue gun.  Her burns and her pain were severe enough to talk about going to Urgent Care, but of course the epic trauma happened at about 8:02 PM.  So, we cruised over to the emergency room for some pain management and burn treatment, and just to be sure that everything was okay.  When you severely burn your hands, and can’t remove the dried glue on your own, it’s a good idea to seek “professional medical help”.


Anyway, after four hours of waiting and about 20 minutes of professional medical help (which was courteous and effective), Lene left the facility with:

  • Residual loopiness and seasickness from the Percocet dose that must have been big enough for a horse.
  • A middle finger that felt like a big sausage due to the lidocaine injections.
  • Gauze pads and medical tape on both hands.
  • Prescription for pain meds.
  • Instructions on burn treatment and hot glue gun safety.
  • A sore shoulder from the Tetanus shot (that was totally pointless it turns out; she wasn’t due for one after all).
  • Her loving husband who stayed by her side and only went to the vending machine once for a cold Dr. Pepper.

Her beautiful hands are getting better every day and she has progressed to using regular band-aids and blister pads instead of gauze and drugs.

This morning I tried to be a good Big Daddy by helping her wash her hair and take a shower (without using her own hands).  We ended up calling it a date. 

Thank goodness her thumbs were spared so she can continue feeding her Crackberry/Facebook addictions.

Stay tuned for some more blog posts once her full keyboarding abilities have recovered. 


  1. Oh my poor friend Lene! Big Daddy, please give her a kiss and hug from me!

  2. Oh no! I hope you're okay and heal quickly- those glue guns are VICIOUS! OUCH~!

    And Big Daddy- I laughed out loud at your 'calling it a date'! Hilarious!

  3. Oh no, that makes me so sad. Those darn glue guns are dangerous, who knew crafting could be so hazardous?

    What a wonderful hubby you have to keep us informed about your absence.

  4. LENE!!! WHATHE!!!
    You could have called me.
    Hey and I know...what ever it takes to get a date right.
    Big D you rock...only one trip to the DP machine.
    Thanks for keeping us updated

  5. I was just ready to use this advice on how to get a date out of Luvpilot, but now I think I'll find another alternative. Ouch!

  6. Oh no! Poor thing. I hope her hands heal quickly. :(

  7. oh my gosh. I'm still chuckling over the date night bit. Love it!!! Who knew Big Daddy was such a romantic? Well, you did probably.
    Hope the finger is healing. can't wait to see the soon to be infamous craft project.

  8. Ha ha! Nice work, big daddy. You should consider your own blog.

    That had to be one nasty hot glue gun. I am no good with those things. We do not get along. I feel her pain.