Poetry and More

Friday morning Roo’s class had their Poetry Cafe. Each of the students had to memorize a poem and recite it. I was really impressed with how well they all did.


Roo chose a poem by Shel Silverstein from the Runny Babbit book.

The And-Baid Problem

Runny Babbit tut his cail,

So Goctor Doose came by.

He put an And-Baid on the cut,

And Runny cegan to bry.

Goc Doose said, “hey, that hidn’t durt--

I put it on sentle and goft.”

Said Runny, “I’m thinking ‘bout the time

Your’re going to pull it off.”


She gets so nervous beforehand, but then she gets up and just does a great job.

After we had snacks each table had the opportunity to write a haiku. I am not a poet…but haiku’s don’t even rhyme. What’s the deal with that? Here is the little ditty the group I was in came up with:


We all signed the bottom of the poster and I was so impressed with Ham’s ability to write his name…


totally backwards, from right to left. And you know I had to be impressed to actually share his real name. So be impressed with his writing abilities and then forget it. thanks…

Afterwards I dropped LaLa off at her class. This week she was the Star Student so I had to get a picture of her with her poster.


She is just so dang cute!


I sure love my sweet girlies!


  1. When Jakob was in 4th grade, he study about poetry as well. I was helping out in class that week, and his Teacher wanted me to explain Haiku to a a group of kids. I had to google on my iphone, to find out what a Haiku was...
    Cute pictures..

  2. This is how "awesome" I am. I seriously stared at Hams name spelled backwards, etc. for a couple of minutes. Because I could NOT make it say HAM. I've just been completely taken in by your pseudo names for them, I forgot they have "real" ones. That was funny.

  3. I don't get the Haiku thing either.

    Cute kiddos! Love the poem she chose.

  4. How Fun!!!
    Wish you were closer to us so we could see your kidlets do all these cool things.