The Mom Taxi

I think as Moms we spend a lot of time driving our kids from one place to another.

It’s just part of the job.

Mondays are serious Mom Taxi days for me.

With the way our school district is set up I have 5 kids in 4 different schools. And Monday, with before and after school programs, I get to tour the whole school district. Okay, not quite, but close.

  • the day starts with me dropping Big J off at his school for Trash Can Band practice
  • then I recklessly quickly drive to Roo’s school to drop her off.
  • hurry home so Einstein can leave for school (love, love, love how close we live to the middle school)
  • morning time with the Littles
  • drop LaLa off at school
  • a few minutes of just Mom and Ham time
  • Ham’s bus takes him to school…it really is his bus. It’s just him, the bus driver and the aide.
  • a couple of quiet hours to get stuff done…or read.

Then the afternoon gets crazy again.

  • pick up LaLa
  • have about 20 minutes to get to Ham’s school to pick him up
  • then 20 minutes later I have to be at Big J’s school to pick him up
  • drop them off at home about the same time Einstein gets home
  • back to Roo’s school to pick her up from choir.

Then there are days like today where I throw in a Parent/Teacher Conference at the middle school after everyone is home and I feel like I spend waaaaay too much time driving!


Good thing I speed…just imagine how much time I would spend in the Suburban!


  1. Just move to the country, girl! Then there's NO WHERE to drive them, haha!

  2. That is a lot of driving! We are actually driving LESS right now but I expect it to change. My kids are, for now, all in the same school which makes it a lot easier. Still, it gets OLD fast!

  3. I have been know to drive over the posted speed suggestion.

    The other day I set a goal to only drive the speed limit...What, the What?!? It lasted about .5 miles.

  4. On Saturday Taylor and I were driving home and I had to "go around a car quickly for a minute", and the next thing I hear is sirens. Luckily Mr. Policeman was going after someone else. It cured me of speeding. At least for Saturday.

  5. YOU look very cute in your sunglasses. ; )

  6. They should make a movie about you soccer moms and all the driving you all do.