I may have mentioned this before, but when I started my blog I had no idea I would “meet” so many friends. Two bloggy friends that have become friends IRL are Linda and Bren.

Every year about this time Linda comes to visit her daughter at ASU for the weekend and makes time to get together with Bren and me. It is the perfect time of the year because they both celebrate their birthdays within days of each other so we have something to celebrate…besides just spending time together.


Last night was our GNO. I love getting together with these sweet friends. Since Linda’s time is pretty busy while she is here and Bren and I both have little kidlets we usually get together just for dessert. I always feel a little bad for our server when we show up. We aren’t going to eat very much and we are going to spend the rest of the evening just sitting there talking and laughing…and expecting refills of water. We do tip pretty well to make up for it.

As much as I enjoyed spending time with these two I have to admit the highlight of my night was when I came home to this little note from Einstein.


I usually only see Linda on her trip to visit her daughter. But this summer we had a bonus visit. Unfortunately Bren wasn’t with us, but I did have some extra people along to join the fun…well really I was just tagging along with them.

While I was visiting my sister this summer Linda just so happened to be travelling through Utah and she was going to be there on a day that Niece had a doctor’s appointment.

So Niece and I…and Ham and Kira and Sergio left Idaho way before the butt-crack of dawn to get Niece to the doctor.


She had her little visit and we had the rest of the day to goof off.


And where else would a blogger from AZ and a blogger from CA and a blogger from ID meet?


That’s right…Cafe Rio in American Fork, UT.

It was the first time Linda and Niece had met face-to-face, but the connection these two have is pretty special.


They are both pretty amazing ladies and I am glad they let me intrude on the visit. And by intrude, don’t I look like Gigantor between these 2.

I am glad Ham was there to crash the party also.


Oh and Kira and Sergio too.


And what would a bloggy get-together be without people taking pictures…of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of people they have just met.


Ham had enough of the picture taking and was headed to throw himself in traffic.


Linda’s daughter is going to graduate this year so maybe next year Bren and I, and maybe Niece will have to make a road trip to visit her.

But Ham is definitely staying home.


  1. Oh my gosh what a fun post! I loved it and I love you my sweet IRL friend! I had such a great time with you and Bren last night. I say we need more than one GNO a year! Too fun!

    Thank you again for the adorable birthday gifts also...I loved them. The cupcake is gonna look adorable on my kitchen tree this year!

  2. I was waiting to hear about all the fun you had.
    It is amazing that bloggers can become RLF too! and best of all one of them is my favorite sister!
    Oh wait...my only sister..hehehee
    I love you!
    See you very soon!

  3. How fun! I hope to someday meet some of you gals too. I am amazed at the friendships that are formed just from blogging. It kinda reminds me of the old days when people had pen pals and became friends just from letters. We are lucky to live in a time where we can share ourselves through blogs.

  4. It was SO Much fun! I love getting together with you guys. And I can't believe you & I don't do it more often since we live within miles from each other... Let's set a lunch date & meet some place once a month...
    How about Wed or something.
    Thank you for your Adorable cupcake goodie holder. It is so stinking cute. You are awesome & I just love ya...
    Have a Great Day!
    And we definately will be going on a road trip to the beach & CA....