Taking a Break…But Not From Everything

Summer break has been absolutely delightful.

We have relaxed.

We have spent time in the pool.

We have just hung-out together.

And if you haven’t notice the blog has been completely neglected.

There have also been a few family-room sleepovers.

I really don’t know why my kiddos enjoy sleeping on the floor, and as long as they don’t expect me to spend all night with them I am fine with it. And for some reason they usually fall asleep fast and sleep better when they are all out there together.

When I went in to check on them last night I found this:

Even sleeping these 2 are still fighting.


Or at least it looks like Ham is taking the opportunity to get in a cheap shot.


Here is everyone fast asleep.



Even the 2 newest members of our family decided to join the sleepover.

Here is Maggie. (she really isn’t a psycho cat…the camera just made her eyes look funky)


And Mollie.



  1. My kids ask ALL THE TIME to sleep in the family room. Not sure what the phenomenon is?
    Glad you are enjoying your summer too!

  2. Nothing better than a campout in the family room! How fun!

    Glad summer vacation is going ok. Neglecting your blog...I noticed no Wordless Wednesday this week. That's ok!! Being with the kiddos is priority...afterall, it's summer break!

  3. Family room campouts are good, cheap fun! They'll always remember it too. You are such a fun Mom.

    We tried the 'trampoline' sleepover the first year we had it. I went inside and slept and the sucka Hubs stayed out all night. I still get teased about it but I'm with you- not gonna sleep like that all night!

  4. I fight in my sleep too, if Luvpilot crosses the imaginary line down the middle. I'm not nice about it either.

  5. family-room sleepovers are so much fun....

  6. My kids LOVE to sleepover in the family room. Yours is way bigger than ours. But they all fit. On the floor. And no, I do not join them either. And when I was a kid, that was not something I wanted to do. Hahaha.

  7. I love that Ham is taking a shot at LaLa even in his sleep! Made me smile and chuckle a little! I love how they all love to be around each other and what fun times of sleeping in the living room. They will always cherish this when they are older! Miss ya!

  8. Huh! Haven't done this with the kids... Tyler loves sleeping on the tramp. I'm not sure my girls would ever go to sleep. I can't imagine having 2 kittens, 1 is barely surviving in our house with the girls. They have her trapped in their room giggling their heads off right now as a matter of fact!