Menu Monday Hiatus


Since it is summertime and summer means relaxed I am going to take a break from Menu Monday. I really just can’t be bothered with planning right now. I am just enjoying being with my kiddos and having fun. I will only be taking a break until school starts up again…and that will be the end of July.

In the meantime to give you an idea of what we will be eating:

Yeah…who knows?!?

And to be real honest I am looking forward to visiting my brother and his family because he is an awesome cook. Maybe I will learn some new recipes to share.


  1. who cooks during the summer??
    just keep blogging!

  2. I'm thinking today is a good day to eat out. Same with tomorrow. And probably Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  3. Now where will i get my dinner ideas from????
    enjoy your summer.

  4. We had a ward FHE potluck tonight. I made cookies. That was my big contribution. haha.