May Day Give-away

Happy May Day!


I am having a little give-away for a $20 gift certificate to Doodle Bugs Paper.

If you have ever visited their site you know what cute personalized stationary they have.


In order to win, please comment on this post letting me know the cutest thing you found on their site.

For extra entries:

  • Tweet, Facebook or Blog about and link back to this give-away
  • Become a follower of Embrace the Chaos or let me know that you already are one (and a big THANK YOU if you are)

A new comment for each entry must be left on this post for these extras to count.

A winner will be announced on May 15th.


And if you can’t wait that long and want to place an order before then enter
during checkout to get 10% off your order!
Coupon code ends on May 15th.


  1. Awww I super like the Bird Round Stamp :D

  2. WOW!!!
    and can I say...really...you want me to pick ONE THING I like at DOODLEBUGS???
    I looked again...and nope..still can not think of what I like best...

    I love you!

  3. I love this site!!
    i found several cutest things..lol

    but I am wild about cupcakes and there is some personalized cupcake notepaper.. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    i would love to win!!

  4. Oh yes...I follow you and your give-a-way is on my blog...and facebook!

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  6. I did facebook this giveaway.

  7. What a cute site! I have been looking for stationary....

    I like the teacher stickers. It would be cool if there were music teacher stickers. That would be great when loaning out music books to students.

    posting on facebook because I'm not ready to get back to my blog....in due time.

  8. How fun!

    I love the stickers for teachers (the ones that say "this belongs to.."). I think those would make great gifts. I think I'll be doing those.

    Also the address labels with the owls and the little brown & pink bird. So cute.

    They have a ton of stuff!

  9. And I'm already a stalker/follower.

  10. I'm going to link to your contest on my blog, too.

  11. I'm sure you already know how much I love Doodlebugs but I'll say it again...I LOVE DOODLEBUGS PAPER!

    I've overed so much over the last few years but one of my favorite things are the gift enclosure tags. I used them for everything.

    I am a follower (of course!!) and I'll post about your giveaway today!

  12. I am not sure what I would pick out but something we could use for daughter's wedding would be nice. Think #13 is lucky...I hope so.

  13. My favorite is the baby section... Can't imagine why... But I have got to say that everything on there is pretty dang cute!

  14. I like the recipe cards. They are so cute.

  15. I think the bag tags are too cute.

  16. ...and I am already a follower.

  17. I would love to win that stuff...and I have followed your blog forever...so...yah put my name in there.