And the Beat Goes On

Last night was Big J’s last concert of the year.

Instead of just being the middle school band, we were able to enjoy the orchestra also.


For the last orchestra number they rocked Queens “We Will Rock You”.


Then we moved on to the band portion of the concert.


The concert finished with two soloist.

The first was this lovely young lady playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.


I love that she even pulled out The Glove.


The final soloist was this young man. He is in the beginning band, but for this concert he played in the beginning band, the intermediate band and a solo. He was wonderful.


I have noticed that Big J had not been as excited about playing the drums lately. Next year is his move to Jr high and having to choose electives. I had been waiting to see what he decided he wanted to do with his one and only elective.


There were so many good choices for him to make, but I have to say I was so happy when he decided that he wants to continue in band.

So the Beat Goes On!


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  1. looks like you went to a great concert. :)
    LOVE the The Glove.

  2. Sounds like they put on quite a show.

  3. Gotta love school concerts.

    And the glove.

  4. Just got caught up on your last week or so.. Man- So much to get caught up on in blog world it's intimadating. Did I spell that right? Oh who cares..
    Josh has a concert friday night. Charly has a kindergarten performance tomorrow night. Busy end of the school yr stuff..
    Think about you all the time!

  5. Oh such fun! I can hardly wait till Porter is old enough for all of this.