The Weather Is Too Nice To Be In A Fog

The last few days have been a total blur.

It feels like Big J’s birthday was weeks ago not days.

This is what has been happening at Casa de Chaos since the last time I posted.

Each birthday I let my kids pick the theme and this year Big J wanted to have a tie dye birthday. Knowing that we needed a little prep time we used one of the days earlier in the week to create our masterpieces.


It was a lot of fun and not nearly as messy as I thought it was going to  be.

So on his birthday we wore our peace-loving clothes with pride.


We had family over to help us celebrate Big J’s day and he was given some nice gifts.


Lately my baking mojo just hasn’t been working. So he ended up with a blah store-baked cake.


But it worked just fine for holding candles.


Then on Friday morning Big J left on another Scout camp-out. This one included a 10 mile bike ride each way. On Wednesday evening the Scouts had been on a practice ride and Big J had a pretty big spill so he was sore before he had even started.

The rest of us spent that morning running errands.

Then later Friday afternoon Einstein went over to play with a friend, which ended up being a sleep-over.

Then about bedtime Friday night Ham started running a fever and coughing. I didn’t think much about it because there has been a little cold that has been going around. Then later that night he came and crawled in bed with us and was really coughing and having a hard time breathing. I started getting a little worried when he was panting instead of breathing. So I loaded him up about 1am and headed to the ER. As soon as we got there they got us back in a room and started breathing treatments. They did a chest x-ray and confirmed that it was pneumonia. At one point the Dr. was going to admit him, but she decided to do one more breathing treatment and if his oxygen level was 98 we could go home. After the treatment when they measured his levels it was 97 and then it would drop down to 96 and I was getting a little worried. Then at one point it jumped up to 98 for about half of a second and the nurse looked at me and I said “Great, I think I will be taking him home.” So they went ahead and released him and we got home about 5am and went to sleep for a few hours. He has finally started feeling better this evening so I think the worst is behind us.

On Saturday by the time I woke up both of the Boyz were still gone and Roo was getting ready to go to a birthday party. Big Daddy went to pick up Big J from his Scout leader’s house, pick up Einstein from his friend’s and dropped off Roo at her party. When he got home I had some shopping I needed to go do so I was gone most of the afternoon.

Then finally late Saturday afternoon our little family was back together again. It seemed really strange to have everybody going so many different directions. I guess we are headed into that phase of our lives. It kind of makes me sad.

Then on Sunday another exciting milestone happened for Big J.

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when a boy turns 12 and is worthy he receives the Priesthood. And today Big J was ordained a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood and now he has certain responsibilities in the Church. It is an exciting time for him. My eyes filled with tears when he was standing in front of the whole congregation and presented as a Deacon. Again a whole new chapter is opening up in our family.

Big Daddy gave him a beautiful blessing.


It was awesome to see my son surrounded by so many men who are great examples for him and that were willing to take the time out of their busy day to come and support Big J. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them all together.

So instead I have a picture of us.


I am hoping the last week of our Spring break will be less like this weekend and more like last week.

I can hope, right?


  1. Cute, cute kiddos!

    And I hope Ham is doing better!

  2. Tie dye birthday! Heck yeah - you must be the coolest mom EVER! (Well, after my wife and own mom)

  3. Such a busy weekend for you guys! Love the tie-dye (I know who to ask for help if I ever need to).

    And I couldn't help but notice you guys are matchy again at church. I know you said you're a little OCD on always matching, do you match every week at church too? I love it. I made us match yesterday too.

    Congrats to Big J!

  4. Cool tie dye! Landon was ordained yesterday too, but as an Elder and your post just reminded me that I didn't take any pictures. Why?
    Congratulations to Big J!

  5. so glad to hear that Ham is doing better. I know how you feel. IT is so scary to see your child that sick!!!!
    What a excited day for your family! You have a Deacon. :)

  6. Awww poor Ham. That must have been so scary.

    Totally awesome and wonderful about Big J. And isn't it amazing how it transforms them??? I have a few years before that. (7 and a half) but then who's counting???

  7. My goodness- you're really been through the fire lately. That poor little guy!

    Congrats on the good things that are also happening for J. Those milestones just keep happening.

  8. Wow! busy weekend.
    I love the tie-dye shirts family pic. Very cool!
    Congrats to Big J! That's awesome!

  9. I LOVED THE TIE DYED project!

    I still can not believe he is a deacon. Wish we could have been there.

  10. Hey Jared!! Congrats!!! That is SOO cool!!!
    Give Adam a hug for me and tell him to get better...
    And tell all the other little people that I say hello....and David too...oh and you.
    Okay I think I covered everyone.
    Love your big painted toe.