My Hopes and Dreams

Today Big J turns 12.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we brought him home from the hospital and wondered what we were supposed to do now.

jared hospital

As I have spent the last 12 years with this amazing young man there are so many hopes and dreams I have for him.

I hope that he continues to be a good example to his siblings and his friends.

Picture 028

I hope that he works to develops the talents he has been blessed with.


I hope he continues to strive to learn and develop his mind. He has so much potential, but with that comes so many expectations and there will be hard work ahead of him.


I hope he never forgets to have fun.

IMG_3643Blue eye Jared

And that he continues to try new things, even if they might be scary at first.


I want him to take the time to find out as much about himself as possible and not let others tell him what to think or feel.


I hope that he realizes that he has the potential to do and be anything he wants. He can reach the moon and the stars if he just pushes himself.


I love his playful and goofy side and hope that he never takes life too serious.


He is such a handsome young man. He has been blessed with a strong body and I hope he always takes care of it.

Picture 013IMG_3588big j

And I hope that he knows I will always be there for him. Even if he is asking me to be more than I think I am.

Picture 009

I love you Big J and I am so proud to be your Mom!


  1. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your Big J! Don't our kids grow up too fast! Mine will be 13 at the end of May..wow!

  2. Oh yea...that totally has me in tears.
    What a beautiful post.
    love ya

  3. Oh yea...that totally has me in tears.
    What a beautiful post.
    love ya

  4. Way to go mom! That was awesome!

    Hope Big J had a wonderful bday. I really will miss him in primary! He really is a great, fun kid :)

  5. Sorry! That last post was from me (Becca). I didn't realize I was signed in as my mom (guess that happens when I'm using HER computer...hehe)

  6. So many amazing pictures and such a wonderful tribute. Happy Birthday Big J

  7. That was SO GOOD! You should write for Hallmark! Hope he has a Great Birthday...

  8. What a beautiful tribute! I love all of your pictures! Priceless!

  9. OH MY GOSH!
    He will be in YM!!???

  10. Such a sweet post! I LOVE the picture with his finger on the moon, so cool! Hard to believe how quickly they grow.

  11. I love this post. You really summed up all that we hope for our kids. And when we were bringing our firstborn home, we both thought what do we do now? So funny.

  12. Sweet, sweet post.
    Happy belated Birthday to your handsome young man!