A Rainy Sunday

Today was another rainy, gloomy Sunday in the Valley of the Sun. I have had just about enough of these gloomy Sundays. And it was a chilly 50 degrees! Hello?!? It’s March, I am ready to be warm.

So this afternoon when the walls started closing in and there was 4 yr old little girl who was so dang tired but refused to take a nap, Big Daddy and I decided it was a perfect Sunday for a drive. We were hoping that maybe the ride would put her to sleep.

About the time we were loading up the skies opened up and it was pouring rain, but we decided to head out anyway.

As soon as we got on the freeway we hit traffic.


There was a pretty nasty accident and once we got past that the freeway was fine.


With all the rain we have been getting the desert is so beautiful and green.



Why yes that is a cell phone tower off in the distance. We may be in the desert, but we do still have good cell phone coverage!

I love the mountains off in the distance with the cloudy skies.


And I am so glad this is out there to help us find our way.


Seriously? How helpful is that?

As for the ride?

We weren’t really successful in our goal.


Ham did get a little nap in (and maybe I did too).


Einstein and Roo just tolerated the ride.


And Big J had fun until he REALLY needed to go to the bathroom.


Big Daddy and I? Of course we had fun…Who wouldn’t?!?


As we were getting closer to home the rain stopped and finally there was a little blue sky peeking through.



  1. 50 degrees is warm spring weather for us! Your pictures made me more excited for our trip to AZ soon!

  2. I can't believe she didn't nap. I did.

  3. Sounds like you get as excited for rain as we do for sunshine. Most of our spring days look like your uh umm...weather event. Nothing like fog and low clouds to dampen our spirits. Sorry, I am such a whiner today.
    Love Ya.

  4. LOVE IT!
    Your last picture is beautiful.

  5. Oh my goodness, look at the flowers! I love it when the desert blooms!

    Someday ...Ham is going to talk to you about that pciture!

  6. It's green in AZ?? That's why you guys love it so much...it really is pretty!