Menu Monday

Menu Monday

  • Monday – carnitas
  • Tuesday – tilapia with lime cilantro rice
  • Wednesday – soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Thursday – chicken pot pie
  • Friday – spaghetti and meatballs
  • Saturday – orange chicken
  • Sunday – Any guesses? You are so right! Roast!


  1. I tried tilapia for the first time and didn't like it. I'm usually a fish person, too.

    I could eat spaghetti once a week as long as it was homemade sauce.

    Tonight we are having cheeseburgers. Mine will be bunless. (Gotta get 10 more pounds off)

  2. I'll pass on the tilapia but the lime-cilantro rice sounds yummy!

    You should try 'Crash Hot Potatoes' with your roast. You'll never settle for mashed again. It's a 'Pioneer Woman' recipe and we're addicted in this house. I'm making them tonight with BBQ ribs.

  3. I really like tilapia. Tastes a bit like trout to me. Maybe that's why I like it. :)
    mmmm, carnitas sound good. Want to share that recipe?

  4. Never heard of tilapia is that an Asian or Indian cuisine?

    Here's my week:

    Monday: Sketti leftovers. yay!
    Tuesday: Roast
    Wednesday: Some kind of leftover from said raost--yeah we do a lot of leftovers here!
    Thursday: Polish Sausage for hubby--his b-day.
    Friday...we have the missionaries...I need something that will make a lot to feed those boys! ;)

  5. oh i just saw in costco today they have Panda Orange Chicken sauce.. Are these recipes on a pinch of Chaos by chance?

  6. lene
    it sounds yummy as always!
    I love you

  7. I made my very 1st roast this sunday...and it was good.
    Are yah Proud?