And the Winner Is….

This is me choking after reading all of your guesses.
My dear, sweet, kind niece put it best:
Kira Burgess said... hehehe everyone thinks that you are as old as he is...how do you like them apples...You should just go ahead and grow an old man beard too...bwhahahaha.
I sure love you lene. Thanks for letting me enjoy your vacation with you.
Love your guts!

I was really hoping for a guess like 120 month…oh well. Do I really look as old as him?

I guess I probably do since the correct answer is 16 months.

There was only one correct guess:

GRAMEE said... i am going out on a limb here and say 16 months.. ok that is my final answer..


Gramee email me and I will get something special sent out to you!


  1. i am excited to win.. i said 16 months because my sister and i are 16 months apart and i have girls 16 months apart.. pretty much the only reason. but i am excited to win!!


  2. Dang- I missed this. I missed everything this past week. Another week & I think I've been on the computer maybe 3 times... Sorry! I still love ya & I say YOU don't look old at all. But I love the choking picture!

  3. could have kria said it any nicer...hehhee

  4. I forgot to guess. But I wouldn't have gotten it right anyway. Yay for Gramee!

  5. " You look a HELL of alot older than I do"


  6. I'm such a terrible blog friend, please forgive me. I am now officially caught up on your UT trip...it looks like a fun time. Yay for Ham turning 3 and going to preschool and scoring well on his tests.

    And yay for you catching up on your DVR.

  7. oh no, your facial hair is very youthful ... just kidding.