sptI am going to file this under things I probably knew at one time, but now I am old and I have to re-learn the basics.

Big J and I like to toss around the football. It’s the one sport that I can still kinda hold my own in. I have have a decent arm and my spirals are usually really pretty. And I don’t throw it like a girl!

I digress…

So Saturday we were outside tossing around the football. It was all fun and games until Big J decided we should kick the football. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time.

So it is my turn to punt…and since I am a true AZ girl I was wearing my flip-flops. And since I thought it might be hard to kick with them on I took them off.

Well that was a dumb idea.



Yep that’s a big ol’ bruise across the top of my foot.

On the good side…the punt was still pretty good.

The bad side…it now hurts to wear my flip-flops because the strap rubs on the bruise.


  1. I do not know what to say...
    Other than...
    and you are the SMART one!!!!

    yep, will laugh the whole day I am sure...
    of course while I am shaking my head.

    OH WAIT...I forgot to ask...ARE YOU O.K.?

  2. Hey, your foot looks like mine now!

    When you said you took of your flip flops I knew what was coming! If it gets any worse, at least you've got the big black boot available.

  3. I feel for you. If you took off your flip flop in our area these last few days you would not have a bruise but frostbite.LOL
    Thanks for sharing

  4. OH your poor foot!
    I wish i could be wearing flip flops , it is just to cold~ I miss my flip flops!

  5. I totally throw like a girl.
    But I probably would've at least changed my shoes first ; )

  6. Youch! I hope it heals quick. I am more than a little jealous you're still wearing flip flops this time of year though.

  7. I can launch a softball/baseball pretty far, but a football would probably fall limp to the ground in my hands. Hope your poor foot feels better soon.

  8. I'm just mad that you get to wear flip flops in Dec.