Christmas Chaos Home Tour

I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas decorations.

The majority of my decorations are Nativity sets.

This is one I inherited from my Mom. She ordered it piece by piece from Avon. Yes, that Avon. It has the strongest sentimental attachment, because every year it was my job to arrange it. One of these days I might let Roo take over that task, but not quite yet.


I also inherited this plate from her.


This set was given to me by a visiting teacher that had a big impact on my life.


I like this one because of the interlocking pieces.


I purchased this one a few years ago. I think it cost $5.


My MIL gave me this set a few years ago.


But I have to say that this one is probably my favorite.


That’s right, it’s the Little People Holy Family.


With Angels.


And shepherds.


The Wise Men.


The animals in the stable.


And the Little Drummer Boy.


It’s fun to see how the kids arrange and rearrange all the pieces.

I also have a small manger that hangs on my tree. Actually I have a few of these. They were gifts we made one year for the primary children.


And speaking of our tree, we only have one tree and it is as fake as fake can be.


A real disadvantage to our new house is the tree sits right in the middle, so it has to be decorated evenly all the way around. There is not a backside to hide the homemade ornament. I know everyone of you do that too!


Along with the traditional decorations we also have an armadillo on our tree.


And a spider.


And a family of snowmen hide a broken branch.


And since we don’t have a mantle we have to improvise where we hang stockings.


We have the smallest stockings ever. That way Santa doesn’t have to leave very much in them. I found them at Pottery Barn Kids.


But this might be my all-time favorite Christmas decoration:

Our Santa Key


Since we don’t have a chimney for Santa to come down and we don’t leave our doors unlocked, on Christmas Eve we have Santa’s magic key hanging on our front door so he can come in and leave us gifts. I hate to think of Santa breaking and entering.

So will you take us on a home tour of your Christmas decorations?


  1. Lene, I can not tell you how happy I was to see you had "the" nativity set...I have wondered several times if it had been DIed...
    Yea, someday Roo needs that opportunity.
    I love your tour Idea...
    I posted pictures today...but not a tour...may have to do that.
    Love ya

  2. Smart girl on the stockings.

    I love all the Nativities. Hopefully yours don't get messed with like mine does. It's not nice to see the wisemen attacking the shepherds, or some of the other *ahem* predicaments I find mine in. (Someone in my house is very naughty).

    I think that is the first time I've ever seen a spider ornament.

    Loved the tour.

  3. How fun! I love nativity sets as well. I have a few that I keep up all year.

  4. i love all the Nativity sets! beautiful :)
    We have the same Santa’s magic key .

  5. oh how i wish i DIDNT have a mantle, the most useless waste of space in the southwest IMO! i love the back of my tree, keeps me a good mom.. LOL and that key is sweet!!!

  6. Awesome! I now feel so guilty that I don't own even one nativity set!

  7. I am with you...The Little People Nativity is sooo adorable. I love it too.

    What ever do you mean about "hiding" homemade ornaments? I would "never" do that. :P

    I love the Santa key. That is really cool.

  8. It all looks so great! I love pulling the stuff out that has been handed down and means so much!

    On Sunday in Primary singing time, we used the Little People Nativity to learn a song. I burst into tears watching the little ones sing the song...it made me so happy.