I’ve Got Your Christmas Goose

My sister truly lives in an incredible place.
Each morning since we have been here I have noticed geese covering the part of the Snake River that wasn’t frozen.
Tonight I was able to catch them as they were coming in for the evening.
When Kirk told be the geese were coming in I ran out in short sleeves and no coat…and it was 22 degrees. I had to go back inside at this point and get a coat on. Then I went back out to get a better view.
I couldn’t believe how noisy it really was. The video doesn’t capture to true noise.
And that was after being visited by this guy yesterday.
This is in her freakin’ backyard!
IMG_1688 IMG_1689

It sure beats the heck out of our coyotes and roadrunners!


  1. What an awesome backyard! I have heard the noise of geese like that as we live near a 'river' (nothing like the gorgeous Snake River though). Crazy!

  2. its like national geographic there. very cool!

  3. Yes, geese are horribly loud! Love the Eagle too. Too cool.

  4. Glad you will go brave the cold to video the amazing birds that spend the winter with us.
    I love you 'Lene

  5. Now that's what I call a cacophony!
    Amazing. That eagle is pretty spectacular. How cool!