Menu Monday

  • Monday – We are going to a family party. I think the main course is fried chicken. I am making my macaroni and cheese.
  • Tuesday – Spaghetti?
  • Wednesday – It’s a birthday night. The menu keeps changing between pizza and hot dogs. Not feeling real excited about either one.
  • Friday - Tacos
  • Saturday – Hello?!? Candy
  • Sunday – Breakfast for Dinner


  1. I read the chicken noodle casserole recipe this morning on Pinch of Chaos
    I was so happy to see it. It looks so good!!

  2. Everything sounds good Darlene. I wish I was organized enough to plan for the whole week. Good for you girl!

  3. What do you know? We had spaghetti on Tuesday too.

    Monday - cheeseburgers and homemade fries

    Wed - pack meeting, probably something fast.

    Thurs - ?

    Friday - steaks, church potatoes, chocolate pumpkin cheesecake (to celebrate Luvpilot's b-day)

    Sat - chili & pumpkin shaped bread hopefully eaten before the candy