Menu Monday – Hiatus

Maybe you have noticed that Menu Monday has been absent from my blog for awhile. This summer really messed with our routines and I still don't feel back in the swing of things. I was hoping that once school started I would get motivated to plan my menu, but we are almost to fall break and I still am not motivated.
I just don't have the kitchen mojo right now.
There is no creativity or planning ahead going on.
There are quite a few nights of, "What time is it? and what are we going to have for dinner?"
There has been A LOT of pizza...too much pizza. I have relied on really easy things like tacos and ramen.
Hopefully the kitchen fairy returns soon, because even if my kiddos love ramen I don't think I can take much more of it.
But there is hope...we had some rockin' fry bread on Saturday.


  1. The first time i read your blog you had your Monday Menu. I made some of the dinner recipes .

  2. you are so motivated all the time so a break is always welcome!!!!

  3. your menu mondays inspired me to make menus...so thanks!

  4. I need to menu plan too. Maybe you should do some sort of challenge? That will give you a little competition/inspiration and the rest of us can kick it in the butt too. I've also done way too much "What time is it? Oh crap! What am I going to make for dinner?"

  5. I'm with you there! I too have had a hard time getting back into the swing of menu planning. I'm teaching 3 afternoons a week, and my family is getting tired of the cereal and fending for themselves! We'll get back again!

    Jenn M. =)

  6. oh come on, i neeeeed recipes....!

  7. The words I hate the most: What's for dinner?

  8. Squirrel Hunt. Those are the nights when it's every man/woman/child for themsleves. They happen more often than I choose to admit.