It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

I come up with the BEST ideas…there are times when I amaze myself with my genius.
Friday night was one of those times.
We had a bunch of guys from our Church coming over on Saturday morning at 6am to help move all the big stuff. But the idea of having all the kiddos awake and beds stripped by that early on a Saturday sounded less than fun. So I had the foolish brilliant idea that we should sleep in our new house.
Unfortunately the bedrooms in the new house looked like this:
But why let that stop us?!?
So I we decided that this would be fun:
Notice that Big Daddy and I weren’t completely stupid and used the mattresses from the girlies beds to sleep on. But trust me they weren’t much better than sleeping on the floor.
Because really, who needs a good nights sleep before a big day of moving?!?
On Saturday we had a great bunch of guys here to help us…on time and ready to go. They came in, had everything moved that we needed moved and were gone in a little over an hour. It was like a covert Army operation. They came, they moved, they disappeared.
Saturday night we all slept much better in our own beds.


  1. welcome to your new home! :)

  2. I love how fast they can take care of things. The slumber party does look fun. I've told my boys for awhile now that we'd have one in our family room one night, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I like my bed too much. But when we moved here, we slept on just mattresses on the floor at first too, until the guys brought our furniture.

    I want to see pics of your new house when you get settled!

  3. Your kids will remember the family slumber party long after YOU'VE forgotten the what a pain it was!

    Enjoy the new house!

  4. Well, I personally think it was a great idea!!! What's a little back pain in the overall scheme of things anyway?

  5. As one of the 'covert' movers, I will say it was possible because you were so organized. Thank you for that! We were glad to help a really care for you and your family.

  6. Yeah- we kindof did the samething.. We had our carpets stretched in our room & family room. And then cleaned. So ALL the furniture from our room & family room was in the boys room & kitchen.. They slept on the floor & we slept on our mattress... Or I did! I guess I hogged the bed & Troy had no room...

  7. i think thats a fab idea! next time, sleeping pills and earplugs, work wonders for a good nights sleep all in one room..

  8. heheheee
    Now that is a great memory!!!!
    I love it!!