Have you ever seen a crafty gadget that you would love to have?

But you just can’t justify the price?

And then you finally talk yourself into getting it?

And then you regret it?

And find that you don’t use it nearly as much as you thought you would?

And it just sits there taking up space?

And then you really regret it because you could really use the money you spent on it?

Well one of my neighbors did the same thing.

Then had a garage sale.

So look at what I have now.


For really cheap.


Because, seriously, I don’t think I could have ever justified how much they cost. I think she had used it twice and I just look for things I can do with it.

This is the latest project.

I made a bunch of these:


Then found a place to put them.


Viola! Back to School decorations. Of course, my kiddos didn’t even know they were supposed to be blackboards. How would they? Their schools all have whiteboards and a few of the teachers have “smart-boards”. Roo keeps saying they look like TV’s.

They work perfect for this blank space on our entertainment center that drives me crazy.



  1. I love it. I've been looking for one of those since I can't justify spending over $250 for one. Have tons of fun with your new "toy!"

  2. Hmm....now I know who to call when I need something crafty.

  3. You are so crafty! Wow- I can't believe you got one at a garage sale.. My friend has one & loves it & has used it a lot....

  4. Nice---- you got to love when someone doesn't want something you know you want bad!!! I want one too and my neighbor emailed me about her yard sale this weekend---- can I get as lucky?

  5. I scored a leather recliner from the same garage sale. It was a win-win situation for everybody. Of course I don't get crafty, I get comfy. Once in a while.

  6. wow , how cool. Is it easy to use?

  7. You scored big time girl! I've eyed them too but probably wouldn't get my moneys worth out of one...but hey, now I know who to contact when I need some "BOO" letters!

  8. Oh! Good score!

    Man, I wish I could have even half the money I spent on scrap-crap back. Sigh. It's embarrassing.

  9. I was just looking at these yesterday! I would LOVE it if I found one at a garage sale!! I love the Back To School decor! Perfect! :)

  10. I just used one for the first time last month and loved it! So cool that you found one at a garage sale- It will be fun to see what else you create with it!

  11. The blackboards are cute!! I may have to steal that idea!!