Back to School…Already?!?

Our summer break is coming quickly to an end and it’s time to get ready for Back to School.

Last night was Meet the Teacher night for LaLa, Roo and Einstein.

Our school district has all of their preschool classes at one school…not the school that the other kids attend. So we started our night at LaLa’s school. LaLa has Miss Nancy again and she was upset that I didn’t take a picture of them together.


She really is excited to be back to school this year.


Instead of a morning class this year she is going in the afternoon. She still expects to have the same kids that she had in her class last year. I have tried to explain to her that most of her friends are in kindergarten this year. Oh well, I will let Miss Nancy have the joy of explaining to her who all the strange kids are.

After that we headed over to our school to meet Roo’s and Einstein’s teachers.

Roo is now is 2nd grade and her teacher is Mrs. H.


She and her husband recently adopted a baby from Russia so she isn’t going to be there the first few weeks. She was really sweet with shy, little Roo. She will really be in for a surprise when she comes back and Roo is comfortably back in school and back to her chatty self.

Einstein is in 4th grade and Mrs. P's class. I don’t know who was more excited last night Einstein or Mrs. P, she has been waiting and waiting to have Einstein in her class since Einstein was in kindergarten with her son. She was Big J’s teacher last year and I think Einstein will have so much fun in her class. I would love to take a million pictures of her classroom.


And of course Einstein still has Mr. D for ELP.


Roo will be taking the test for ELP in a few weeks and hopefully she will be joining Mr. D’s class too. He is already planning on it. I hope he remembers she still has to take the test.


Then tonight Big J had his Meet the Teacher…at the Middle School. The Middle School!?! My son is in Middle School!?! Okay...deep breath. Give me a minute here...

This is the first year for our school district to have a middle school for just 5th and 6th graders. It’s more of an enhanced elementary school than a true middle school. It is a brand new program for our district and I think after working out a few kinks it will be great.

Big J met his homeroom teacher, Mrs. A.


She seems really nice. Big J likes her because he is almost as tall as she is, and she was wearing heels. The middle school is set up with classroom “families” so he will rotate between her class and 3 other teachers.

He will also still have Mr. D as his ELP teacher.


I don’t know what we would do without Mr. D.

He is so excited to be going to middle school.


I have been in total denial about school starting. I am having a hard time getting things ready. I kept putting off getting supplies…in fact there was a late night run to Wal-Mart tonight. Me at Wal-Mart…blech. And I still didn’t get everything.

(Yes the teachers really do have last names but I never know how some people feel about being on a blog so I thought I would go the safe route and just use initials.)


  1. My kids don't start school till September . I am so Not ready for school.

    Looks like your children are happy with their Teachers! :)

  2. Love Mr. D. Connor can't wait to get back to seeing him. He wanted to start ELP yesterday!