Keeping the Beat

Last night was Big J's first band concert.
A few weeks ago the percussion teacher asked him to play the bass drum for the concert, the only bass drum player. He was excited because the bass drum keeps tempo for the band. In the practice before the concert he made a mistake and the conductor got mad at him, so he was really nervous last night. But once he got on stage I think he was relaxed and actually enjoyed himself.
Here is a brief little snippet from the concert, and remember these kids have only been playing since November.
His drum teacher came up to me after the concert and said he had really enjoyed having Big J in band and that he is really good at reading music and has natural talent and rhythm. Next year band will be during school rather than an after-school activity. I can't wait to see how they play when they get to have class more than once a week.
I am really glad that we have our own drummer...since as a family we seem to march to our own tune.


  1. School band concerts are always so much fun! :)

  2. I remember those days with my kids! What fun memories!

    Great job Big J!

  3. Been there done that. Matt played the trumpet from 5th- his freshman year then the band director asked who would like to play the tuba and so he played the tuba-just like his grandpa...


  4. Great job Big J. Too bad the teacher got so mad about 1 mistake. Especially if he likes Big J so much.

  5. The conductor for the concert teaches the brass section. He was kind of rude to the kids at the concert. After watching him interact with the kids I was glad that J was in the percussion group.

  6. That is so AWESOME! Man that kid has so many talents. You must be SO proud!!! Way to go Big J

  7. Are you Kidding me! YES YOU GUYS ARE!! So there!!! Germs germs germs growing in your garden...
    Yes he got it at the new Goodwill. But it was the only one there. I am just really lucky huh!
    Hey we gotta go get Oregeno's.. Have you been there? If you guys weren't SICK all the time maybe we could hang out!!!

  8. WAY TO GO BIG J!!!
    You totally rock!

  9. on his way to rock star dom! i always wish i had learned to play the drums.