Menu Monday

I think our menus are getting pretty boring. I have just been relying on the good old stand-bys that I know I fix quickly and everyone will eat it. So this is the menu for this week:

  • Monday – shredded beef burritos
  • Tuesday – polska kielbasa
  • Wednesday – tacos
  • Thursday – chicken stir-fry
  • Friday – pay day take out
  • Saturday – pizza
  • Sunday – Easter dinner with the in-laws

For tonight's shredded beef burritos I will use my leftovers from the roast we had for dinner yesterday. I cooked the roast and potatoes in the crock-pot and I use both for the burritos. I shred the beef and smash the potato chunks, add a little cheese (mozzarella is our favorite), wrap it up in a tortilla. Then wrap the burritos in tin foil and throw them in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Yummy.

The other day Albertson’s had polska kielbasa on sale so I grabbed some. The kids love it, but it isn’t something we have very often. I slice the kielbasa and fry it and serve it with hash brown potatoes.

Another time I will share my chicken stir-fry recipe.


  1. You are such the suzie!!
    I am very proud of you.
    We are doing Chicken Salad Sandwiches for dinner tonight.

  2. Easter dinner. My fav.

  3. I think the vote is for Panda tonight since Daddy's gone and I never did figure out what to fix.