Blog Neglect

I feel like I have been a bit neglectful of my blog lately for a number of different reasons. The main problem is that I have had bloggers block. I sit down at my computer and don’t know what to blog about. Also my self-diagnosed Adult On-set ADD is really bad right now. I am so stinkin’ scatterbrained that it is almost scary. If the kids hadn’t reminded me that today was Friday I don’t think LaLa would have made it to school. And my house…my poor neglected messy house. Let’s not even go there…no seriously.

But there are other issues involved. I have been cheating on my blog with this:


And have an innocent flirtation with this:


But the real trouble started with this thing showed up:


I still have this:


But this has been handed off to the kidlets:


and this has needed to be replaced for a very long time – can you see the cracked screen?


But with all it does it can’t replace this:


But all the things it can do…I don’t even know where to begin.

Now if you please excuse me I need to go land some planes with this:



  1. Hehehehehee
    I love toys!
    and Facebook.
    I am staying away from Tweeter...
    Love you and I have really missed your blog.
    Hey, you could always do one on how you can not wait to come spend some time with me!
    Ok we can blog about that when you get here!

  2. hehe- I facebook too (You know that). I have ha a little writers block too. I think its because I am so far behind on everything lately! Blah. Good luck with your writers block and toy playin'.

  3. I am so with you on the writers block. I haven't posted in over a week. And well "OH WELL!" I haven't been on facebook since I talked to you on it last.
    I didn't even know what the bird picture was until Troy told me & I don't text. I rarely listen to my ipod.
    What have I been doing? GETTING FATTER! By doing nothing..

  4. I'm so not a gadget person...and don't facebook, text, nothing. I'm lucky if I answer my cell phone half the time. My family gets so annoyed with me!

  5. ahh what fun new gadgets are!
    I do twitter- but not facebook-I can only do so much!

  6. I have to admit, I haven't been to your blog in a while and posted a few things...See, I am just as bad...but in reverse...I love reading all about the kids and your family...Even if it's on Facebook...Have a great day my cousin..


  7. oh, i'm gonna go find you on fb! it has taken me away from my blog as well.....

  8. much like Judy wrote, I am just as bad but in reverse. When my blog reader account has over 300 new entries, it is a sign that I haven't been on in days. Yesterday when I opened it up it had 486 unread posts waiting to be checked out!