Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She would be 67…that is hard to believe. Even more difficult to believe is that she has been gone for 15 years. I never thought I would survive a week without my Mom and here it is 15 years later.

This is a picture of us in 1987.

Mom and Me

I have struggled with trying to be the kind of Mom my Mom was. She was Super-Woman. You name it she did…and usually really well. It’s kind of hard to measure up to Super-Woman. Especially if she isn’t here to explain how she did it, or how she struggled, or how really tired she was. Recently I came across part of her journal. Okay that is one area we are very much alike, her journal would skip years at a time. Anywho…I was reading part of her journal and she would talk about painting the bathroom, planting the garden and cleaning out all the kitchen cabinets – all on the same day! How in the heck do you do all that in one day?!? Oh yeah, she had 5 children to help out and most of the entries ended in “I am so tired today”.

Wow we are more alike than I thought…of course I don’t plan on painting the bathroom, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and planting a garden all on the same day anytime soon. I am going to wait until my kiddos are a little bit older.


  1. Man, I would be glad if I got ONE of those things accomplished! She does sound like Superwoman. So sorry you've had to spend these last 15 years without her.

  2. I'm so sorry you lost your Mom when she was so young. Just remember to live in her love, not her shadow. I'm sure she's plenty proud of the kind of person and Mom you've become.

  3. what a tresure to have your mom's journals. Indeed.

    Nice 80's hair. I think we had the same hairdresser do our perms!

  4. she sounds like a great lady! Lovin' the 80s hairdo. :o)

  5. Lene,
    You are so much like mom...
    You amaze me in the way you care for your family.
    You are always trying to make memories with them.
    You are every bit the super women that she was.

    I love you

  6. Our mothers are amazing...I miss Geneva, my other mom... I hope only to be a little like them.