Do Your Best

Tonight was Big J’s first overnight campout as a 11 year-old scout. I am not sure I am ready for this new phase in his life. I am way a little over-protective of my children. I feel much better when everyone is sleeping under the same roof.

He still wasn’t feeling all that great so we hopped him up on Motrin had him take a shower and see if he really felt like going.

He said he did. I am not sure I believe him, but how can you tell him he can’t go. And really what do I know about sick kiddos? (see previous post).


You can see in his eyes he still isn’t feeling 100%.


I think I felt a little better about him going since they are camping about 3 miles from our house and not up in the mountains.


And the fact that Big Daddy was going to be going with him was comforting also.


Seriously, am I really ready for this whole scouting thing?


I guess it doesn’t really matter, because he is.

(Even if his face looks like he isn't sure about this whole over-night thing!)

I think I will be more supportive of Boy Scouts than Cub Scouts, and really we don’t want to get me started on the whole Cub Scout subject.

***Camping Update - They ended coming home very early this morning***


  1. This was Taylor's first camp-out last year and I felt a whole lot better that it was just down the street, too. I really hate my kids to be gone from me, even when it's just to Grammy's house. He will be really tired tomorrow when he gets home! But it will be fun. Our boys hiked there from our neighborhood today. They're trying to get ready for the week long 50 mile hike/campout this summer. I'm not sure how I feel about that one yet.

  2. I fear when my kids reach this age too. Because I think I am a little protective too. What is this eye yucky going on? My kids have it too.

  3. Oh Jared...bless your heart, I hope you were able to have some fun!
    Congrats to you AND your mom for taking this great step into growing up.
    Glad we didn't get you going on scouting 'lene.
    Love ya

  4. Troy went with Josh on his first on last month too. Josh came home so worn out & basically slept the afternoon & evening.
    He'll be ok. Or it's over now..

  5. oh I will feel the same way! I love it when we are all home under one roof-