Ok I don't always take pictures of my food, but I made banana bread today and I couldn't help myself...
Is this not the perfect loaf of banana bread?
I know!
It wasn't a special recipe, just something I found online. It did have sour cream in it which isn't something I have ever used in a banana bread recipe.
And it was delish!
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  1. That really is a PERFECT loaf of Banana Bread. Now I'm hungry!

    Sometimes I'll sprinkle that Sugar in the Raw (also called Turbinado Sugar) on top of Banana or Zucchini Bread but that's because I can't make a loaf as perfect as that one so the sugar sort hides the imperfections while giving a little extra flavor zing (if you haven't had it, there's a bit of molasses taste to it but just a hint).

    I'm sure that load didn't even cool down before it was gone!

  2. Lene, it looks delish!

    I've been in the baking mood myself. Although we certainly don't need the calories, I think I'll do some baking tomorrow. Chocolate chip cookies maybe!?!

  3. it's gorgeous and looks so yummy! ya gotta give the recipe, though. :o)

  4. MMMM.... that looks amazing! My mouth is watering! BTW did you survive the campout? I got the giggles when I heard your hubby was going. My husband was the scout leader when my boys were in too- took a lot of the anxiety out of those overnight campouts for me.

  5. Missy I would have posted the recipe, but I am not even sure where I found it. I just did a quick web search and started mixing.

  6. Mmm...looks so yummy! I think I may have to make some soon, before I start my diet. I love anything baked with sour cream. It really keeps it moist.

  7. It looks great! I'm sure it tasted as yummy as it looked. Any left?

    Glad you guys are finally started on the mend. Hate it when the ENTIRE family is down....

    Jenn =)