Sensory Overload

Yesterday we had a visit from Ham’s Service Coordinator from DES. She is the one that decides what therapy he gets to have. After being told that all therapy would be ending for all Early Intervention families after the first week in March we found out that the therapy won’t be ending quite yet. Thank goodness we aren't going to be left without help for now. Especially with all the progress we have been making.


As we were going over the goals we had set for Ham 6 months ago it was hard to believe the difference 6 short months has made. The main goal we had at that time was for Ham to start walking on his feet instead of his knees. That goal has been met and exceeded big time. Ham is running and just starting to try to jump. He is learning to keep up with the other kids.


The other goal we had set was that Ham would say “Mom” and “Dad”. He is well pass that and has added a ton of other words to the mix. My favorite is that he calls LaLa “WaWa”.


We still have some problems we need to work on. Ham has some sensory issues that we are learning to cope with. He also has problems processing auditory signals…that means he can hear, but he isn’t really listening to what is being said to him. Being around him ALL the time I can usually get him to listen to me, but I watch him around people he isn’t around very often and it is easy to see that he isn’t listening or hearing them talk to him. And if he is listening you don’t know if he is really understanding what you have said. Plus there is the additional problem of if he is listening you don’t know if he is capable of saying what he wants to. Usually if he knows he is supposed to say something it is just a simple "yeah", even if there is no way in the world he really means "yeah".

I found this shirt the other day and thought it was perfect for Ham – more than the average 2 year old.


It says “Caution – I’m not listening”


How perfect is that. I should have grabbed a bunch…one for every day of the week!



  1. Cute shirt! That has to be so frustrating to think about his therapy coming to an end one day. He sure is a cutie.

  2. Such a cutie!

    He has made tremendous strides in his everyday life and he'll continue to make even more in the future. How can he not succeed when he has such a loving and devoted Mom!

  3. wow what a trooper. glad to hear the opportunity for more help is there for you.

  4. I can not believe how much better he is doing.
    When Derek was said to have Audio/Visual Dyslexcia.
    Do you remember how we had to talk to him!?
    Love ya

  5. I'm glad he will continue to recieve services. My friend also has an autistic child and I had previously had no idea how expensive it can be and how little is covered by insurance.