Menu Monday - A Day Late

Ham has been sick since Friday night and it is amazing how when he is sick it totally throws everything out of whack. Also Einstein was home from school yesterday not feeling well. So here is my tentative menu for this week, who knows what will actually happen:
  • Monday - Taco Bell (take-out has been happening way to often lately)
  • Tuesday - shreaded beef burritos (using left-over roast from Sunday)
  • Wednesday - chicken breast cooked somehow
  • Thursday - grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Friday - homemade pizza
  • Saturday - who knows
  • Sunday - probably roast and potatoes

Not my best planned week...I hope it kind of goes close to the plan.

1 comment:

  1. I was craving Taco Bell today, but I refrained. But I do think we'll be having grilled cheese this week too.