Menu Monday

So I am a little late getting my menu up for this week.

  • Monday – Subway sandwiches
  • Tuesday – Chinese noodle salad / chicken nuggets
  • Wednesday – baked ziti
  • Thursday – baked chicken strips
  • Friday – pay-day take-out
  • Saturday – who knows
  • Sunday – roast and potatoes

For the last two weeks we were really laid-back with what we ate. We ate take-out a lot more than usual. We ate crappy food that the kidlets loved. So I look forward to getting back to a planned menu with healthier choices, not that we are ever totally healthy.

Notice that tomorrows menu is very unusual – I am actually planning on making two different meals. I made Chinese noodle salad last week and have been craving it ever since. I know the kids won’t eat it, so I will make something different for them. One of the few times I do that.


  1. Mmmm, Chinese noodle salad sounds really good. Is that the one with ramen noodles and cabbage?
    Looks like you had a very busy spring break. I"m looking forward to ours.

  2. Chinese noodle salad...sounds delish! How about taking a picture and then posting the recipe. Chinese chicken salad is my favorite. Do you put chicken in yours?

  3. You're good to only make two separate meals a few times. I do it more than I should.