Thursday's Child - The Big Kid Edition

Today is Big Daddy's Birthday.
I have had a hard time as I sit here trying to write this post. It's hard to put into words the type of man he is and how I feel about him. As a couple we have had our ups and downs -- boy have we had our downs. But right now I think as a couple and individually we are at one of our strongest points and I love being on the up swing. I wish other people could see the Big Daddy I see. Sometimes I wish he could see the Big Daddy I see:
accurate, affectionate, annoying, athletic, calculator, casual, competitive - in a quiet good way, cute, diligent, disc golf player, distracted, easy going, Engineer, fearless, funny, good at most everything he tries, hard worker, helpful, inappropriate at times - thank goodness I'm not the only one, loyal, phone book, powerful, quiet, religious, serious, sexy, shy, smart, spiritual, sports fan, strong, talented, teacher, warm,
Happy Birthday Big Daddy!


  1. Thank you very much, Sweetheart.

  2. aaahhh. "mine" So sweet!

    He sounds like a keeper to me!

  3. what a nice tribute! happy birthday big daddy. :o)

  4. Happy Birthday Big Daddy! (we call my Engineer spouse Big Daddy too!)

    I especially like your description of 'Mine'! Too funny!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

    Loved the tribute! He sounds pretty special!

  6. Happy Birthday "D".
    You've come along way baby!
    I am very happy for both of you.

  7. Yeah- He seems like a pretty good guy... Aren't marriages supposed to be up & down. I mean it's like a roller coaster ride..
    Hope you guys had fun together & that you enjoyed your Birthday Big Daddy! Do you want me to bring you an apron? (Big Daddy- Not you Lene!) Him! A nice pink one with feathers & stuff..
    I've been thinking a lot about you. Hope your doing good. What are we doing for your Birthday? It's coming up soon...