Menu Monday

Well last weeks menu was thrown out the window by a migraine that hit on Tuesday evening and stuck around until Thursday. After the migraine was gone I still wasn't feeling myself so everything was rearranged. So this weeks menu has a few holdovers.
  • Monday - frittata (I have some veggies that need to be used up and a frittata is perfect for that)
  • Tuesday - minestrone (yes I know this has been on the menu for the last few weeks, I hope this week it finally makes it from the menu to the table!)
  • Wednesday - oven-baked chicken strips
  • Thursday - tacos
  • Friday - pay day take-out
  • Saturday - Valentine's Day - I will be fixing dinner I just don't know what
  • Sunday - King's Ranch Chicken

If you have noticed that I don't put any side dishes on my menu it is because it is usually some kind of steamed veggies. I just don't know what until I get ready to make dinner.

And before anyone says anything about me fixing dinner on Valentine's Day --Big Daddy and I have a lunch date scheduled for Saturday, sans kidlets. Thanks Aunt Sherri!


  1. I'm sorry about your migraine! Yuck! And I'm going to sheepishly admit I'm glad to know that your menus don't always go off as planned. I have menu planned in the past- sometimes really well but it seems like something is constantly going wrong that throws it off. Clearly it is just a normal thing that happens- not just because it's me.

    I hope you're back to full speed now. That's really crappy that you have to deal with migrains. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

  2. Yummy...I think I will try making your minestrone soup...BUT, I can't find my recipe.
    Would you send it to me.
    Kirk and I had our Valentines dinner last week.
    He has a scout camp out this weekend.
    Love ya!

  3. Ha! There are never any side dishes posted on my menus, because I never make them! I'm doing good usually, just to get the main course presented. Pathetic? yeah.

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