SPT - I Resolve


from Lelly - spt challenge for the month of january. i love a new year. i love the chance to start over. and i know you do, too!! so, if you've been absent from spt, or if you haven't gotten up the nerve to link up, or if you are lurking and haven't yet picked up that camera, now is the time to come along! how about you make a resolution to join in the fun?

  • tuesday, january 6 i resolve to take more self-portraits
  • tuesday, january 13 i resolve to take more self-portraits with people i love
  • tuesday, january 20 i resolve to take more self-portraits while trying new things
  • tuesday, january 27 i resolve to take more self-portraits doing things i enjoy

what have you got to lose? absolutely nothing! what have you got to gain? a whole lotta self-portraits! (and so much more...)


I have always enjoyed reading. But at some point with a bunch of small kidlets running around I convinced myself that I just didn't have the time to read for pleasure. Sure I could read 'Guess How Much I Love You' a million times, but couldn't sit down and read for me. How crazy is that?!? In the last year I have rediscovered the library and discovered GoodReads...and have read a whole spectrum of books that I would have never thought about reading before.

Then Big Daddy came home from work and reminded me of something else I enjoy...



  1. Reading is my favorite guilty pleasure. Way to capture the smooch! I enjoy that too but am pretty sure I'd get the kibosh if I tried to capture it on camera.

  2. Lene...too cute! You have such beautiful eyes, my friend! They are sooo sparkly!

    PS...You mentioned reading Guess How Much I Love You a million times...I wrote a blog post yesterday entitled "Goodnight Moon" that reminded me of that...Check it out when you get a chance...:)

  3. Too cute! Two thing I enjoy too, ok not kissing your hubby! but kissing mine!

  4. I love it! And love both of those things as well!

  5. I agree with your first favorite thing. I need to find more time to read for pleasure. I won't even comment on the second favorite thing to do since that is my brother.

  6. What a cute post! It's funny what goes through our head when our husbands walk through the door. Love it!

    If you haven't already...stop by my blog to be a part of my YuMmY Valentine's give-a-way.

  7. the library is one of my favorite places, who doesnt love free? i like free kisses too..

  8. What an awesome post!
    I loved it!!!
    Now go get a room!

  9. So many SPT'ers (is that a word?..sure) love to read. So funny.

    Loved your SPT!

  10. Oh how cute...and hey, your pretty good at taking SPT's and kissing at the same time!

  11. so cute. my kids would say, 'oooohh, gross!' (with a smile of course!) :o)

    I've taken up reading for the same reasons as you. I love it.

  12. cute, cute...how many sweet kisses did you get before you got the SP right?

  13. What a sweet post. I've got to start reading again. I love it but never take the time to do it.

  14. I love reading...and I love forcing my family to let me take the time to do so! Great LIPS!

  15. Love it! Glad I found your blog--do you do photos? I love the ones you did of your 3 year old!

    Luv, C