Happy New Year From Casa de Chaos

We celebrated New Years Eve big time last night.

We made treats.


Well Big Daddy, Big J and Roo made treats.

IMG_7635 IMG_7632

These are a favorite of ours. Of course it is a special and secret recipe, but what the heck I'll share. First you lay out pretzel squares. This was Roo's job. She is was kind enough to inform us that she was only using the hand that she hadn't licked to touch the pretzels and that she wouldn't pick her nose. Good to know.


Top each pretzel with a rolo and put it in the oven at 350 for about 3 minutes. After taking them from the oven place a plain M&M on top of the rolo and press down GENTLY. Then you have yummy bite sized treats.....that were completely gone this morning.

Then we dressed in our formal wear and enjoyed cookies. Okay only LaLa was in fancy dress, like almost every other day in her life.


Ham preferred grapes, by the mouthful.


We played Wii for awhile (I have serious Boom Blox injuries to my right arm). Put Ham to bed. Ate some more. Let LaLa fall asleep on the floor. Played some more Wii. Ate more. At one point Roo asked if she could finally go to bed, it took her about half a second to fall asleep. Big Daddy, Big J, Einstein and I stayed up until mid-night and watched the ball drop in Time Square. Then we went to bed ready for 2009.

Then today after reading about my word of the year Big Daddy came home from Target with this:


It is going to be a good year!


  1. What fun. I can't stay up until midnight--so I am amazed that you can! Have a good year

  2. Oh Kaylynn I am a insomniac. If I get to bed before midnight it is a miracle.

  3. I haven't heard of the rolo's & m & m's.. Yumm- Thanks for sharing. We didn't even play the wii last night. And what game are you talking about? Does Lala even know how to play it too. I want to find a game that the girls can do too...
    I was going to call you this afternoon while I was at the Dillards sale to come shop with me. But- well my hands were so full I couldn't. Man- the sale was AWESOME!
    I like your word. I really hope you "LIVE" ya know off of Dr. Pepper. Chocolate, movies, oh yeah you don't like movies. Ok- I'll stop now.

  4. Hey, just stopped by from Mormon Mommy Blogs--looks like you guys had a great time! Happy New Year's!

  5. Sounds like a great night. We had a few extra kids sleep over and it was chaos + 2.

    We got some of those pretzel treats as a neighbor gift. They ARE tasty!

    Glad a good time was had by all.

  6. HOW FUN!
    Kirk was asleep by 9pm
    I watched Mamma Mia...AWESOME your girls would love it!
    and then..
    OH YEA Slept ALL of January 1st away.
    Love ya