SPT - Holiday Feng Shui - Hope


From Lelly - i don't want spt to add to the chaos. quite the opposite - i hope to continue to enjoy it throughout the holidays. to be able to find those moments throughout the season where i choose to be still. the challenge for us this month will hopefully give us an excuse to remember to care for ourselves while we are busy creating amazing holiday memories for all. take deep breaths. channel your chi. don't sacrifice the small, still moments. enjoy them! and photograph them!

  • tuesday, december 2 love
  • tuesday, december 9 joy
  • tuesday, december 16 comfort
  • tuesday, december 23 peace
  • tuesday, december 30 hope

enjoy the season!

I hope I have more weeks like this one on my calendar:


And less like this:




  1. You are so good to keep your schedule on the computer.
    Yeah Troys really sick.. He can't even move sick..

  2. I hope the same thing for you! Schedules can get crazy pretty fast :)

    P.S. LOVE your banner--what a great family photo!

  3. I don't like to think of schedules during Christmas Break. Since I'm home sick still, my schedule got wiped clean!

  4. It is nice to not be so scheduled. I hope you find that this year. When you figure it out, could you pass that on to me? :-) Happy New Year

  5. It must be nice for you to have a day to not have a million things going on!
    Love ya

  6. My calendar is gloriously empty this week too and I'm loving it.

  7. my calendar was empty this week as well...but once the new year starts...**whoosh*** we start all over again...***sigh***
    Happy New Year to you and your family....

    your cousin Judy