Not Such A Bad Idea After All

You know that little idea of being cloned is starting to sound pretty good.
Today I had three places I needed to be at the same time. Einstein had his ELP class party where the kids challenge the parents to a game of ELPardy, their class version of Jeopardy. Big J had his class Christmas party that I needed to bring sweet and sour meatballs for. Yeah I know, what happened to just bringing in cupcakes. And Ham had speech therapy. All scheduled for the same time.
Big J's party was starting at 12:10 so I was planning on dropping the meatballs off at 11:45. I thought I would be early enough and still be able to see Einstein and get home for Ham's appointment at noon. Yeah we live that close to the school.
I got to the school and headed to Big J's class and ran into one of the teachers and she said "Oh he will be so excited to see you. They have already started and he is worried you weren't going to make it." Okay if you send home a note saying you are starting at 12:10 don't start at 11:45! When I walked in the door his face just beamed. He really didn't think I was going to be there. Kind of sad because if I am not going to be there I usually give the kidlets a heads up and if I say I am going to be there I am there. Anywho...he was so excited and took the meatballs and put them on the table with the rest of the food and then.....wait for it.....came and gave me a hug! In front of the whole class! A 10 year old boy! I was the happiest Mom ever. Then I ran to Einstein's class for a minute just as they were starting the ELPardy but I knew I didn't have time to stay. So I ran home in time to get a phone call from the speech therapist saying she was running 15 minutes late. UGH! I could have stayed and played a few rounds of ELPardy.
Tomorrow I need to be 4 places at the same time. Where is that dang clone?!?


  1. I agree with you. I wish we could get a clone for every time we have a new kid. Sure it would make things very crowded but then Moms wouldn't feel like we are being pulled a million directions at once. BTW I love your family picture. You have quite a good looking crew.

  2. so funny and too true! glad to know I'm not the only one!! :o) Love your family picture! You need to put it in a post so I can see it larger. I can't study it well enough like it is! :o) he he (no, seriously)

  3. WOW you are such a great mom.
    I am glad that J gave you a hug...I miss Derek's hugs so much. He didn't care who was around...

  4. Oh, so sweet about the hug. I'm glad you made it there. And when you figure out how to clone yourself, will you let me know. I'd like someone to do all the work, while I spend the weekend in bed.

  5. I'm putting in my order for a clone too! :) Your family picture is darling. I love the pink, and black together.

  6. oh so true! if only we could use cloning for our own EVIL devices!

  7. Trying to stay calm, I can see why! LOL
    I did this to myself a few years back. I was frantic but I HAD to be there for each of my children. They would have understood but I don't want to miss a moment. I am glad you were able to make it happen especially for your 10 yr old. It is moments like that that make all the rushing and hurrying around worth it. Tomorrow, start with prayer and ask HF to bring forth the things that are necessary and allow the other things to fall by the side and grant you the peace that you need in order to let those things go. It worked and works for me! I promise it will work for you to.