Lene Needs....

Tammy had this fun little post on her blog. You Google your name with "needs" at the end, and then post what the first 10 things are.

So I had to see what I really need:

Lene needs a ride... I wonder where I need to go?

Lene needs to be cloned so we can all benefit... I am really sure one of me is more than enough.

Lene needs the high level of support that only a group home can provide... You mean this isn't a group home?!?

Lene needs is on facebook... Maybe I can add her to my friends list.

Lene Needs Your Help! ...Ain't that the truth!

Lene needs to be cloned so we can all benefit from her for many years to come... Wow I think they are serious.

Lene needs Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students With Special Needs...how about for a chubby, stay-at-home Mom?

Lene needs more than 13 for Charlotte and Lene to win...I really hope I win.

Lene needs to be cloned so we can all benefit from her for many years to come...we really are in trouble

Lene needs a distraction...Hello?!? I have a blog, I don't need any more distractions.


  1. ha, funny! i think I am going to have to try this one out!

  2. I think the cloned Lene would distract you! Happy Sunday

  3. Too funny! I think I would like to be cloned. She could do everything I didn't want to do.

  4. What a great idea. I think I will do that on my blog too. I wish I had a clone. One to stay at home and one to work.

  5. I'm afraid to try it...it most likely will say...needs a life!

  6. Okay this is funny. Your comments to the needs cracked me up. I actually laughed out loud. Thanks I needed that. I will try to do this too it seems like fun.

  7. i did this one also. I haven't posted it but I like it. They are quite funny! LOL, i like how it thinks you need a distraction. too funny!

  8. That is so funny! Wow- someone really wants to clone you! Might be a good thing.... I'd like one right about now for my talk....