Will Tomorrow Ever Come?


So tomorrow is the big day for our nation. I think that it is fairly obvious who I support in this Presidential Election.

Never have I felt so nervous and anxious about an election as I do about this one. I am worried about our Country that was founded on Liberty and Freedom. I am worried about people voting for a candidate without really knowing what that candidate stands for. I am worried about people just voting to vote without knowing what they are voting for. I don't think I can take listening to the talking heads on CNN much longer. It drives me crazy that they assume the election is over and they already know who has won. I have faith in our democracy. I really hope that as a country we are not a bunch of sheep and are actually voting for the person we feel can do a better job of leading our Nation and not just voting for who the polls have said has already won.

I will be praying for our Country.


  1. I am worried for all of those things too. I think the media is just trying to use psychological warfare on us, and make us think it's hopeless, so why should we try. I have been praying and will be praying too!

  2. Sorry Judy and Niece.

    I think it works now.